Quality Products

alt NW, for sale together with its employees, and aims to provide the customers with products and services of most excellent quality. Read more

NW persistently aspires to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. NW also ensures compliance to local and global laws by carefully designing and developing safe and environmentally friendly products. NW has an outstanding reputation built upon the innovation and reliability of its products, its individualized service to customers, and its record for a high level of on-time delivery in the industry. Products are tested and process of quality control. All our products are compatible with vendor’s devices. We heavily invested in modern testing technology & facilities to deliver quality products and we conducts assembly line screening and on-line inspections, including temperature cycling and burn-in testing to guarantee the quality of all products.


The Quality System consists of:

  • Assurance of the safety standard.
  • Products Training.
  • Products Quality Control.
  • Products Testing.
  • Outgoing Quality Control.


NW believes quality is the most important cornerstone of a company’s operations. Our factory controls the hazardous substances of product effectively to meet the standard criteria in the world.