Becoming a Reseller

alt We offer the possibility to become a reseller of NW products. We offer huge discounts and Marketing support. Read more

NW has become one of the world's leading suppliers of networks transceivers. NW products portfolio is distinguished by superior performance and high quality which has allowed quick innovation of new products at a lower cost.

Benefits to become a NW reseller:

Low-cost manufacturing: NW employs a manufacturing strategy that minimizes costs and reduces lead times for customers.

Fast delivery: NW holds a large stock of transceivers for immediate shipping.

Cost efficient operating model: NW has a large pool of research and development which allows development of products at much lower cost.

Integrated business model: NW has substantial design and manufacturing resources which enables customization of existing products from the subsystem level down to the chip level. This allows innovation throughout the product development lifecycle, and to adapt to market requirements and customer needs.

Distribution ship: NW offer clients the possibility to become a distributor in your country, with competitive discounted prices. For Partners, we offer free tests products, free support, incentives.