alt All new NW products come with a standard vendor’s warranty. Up to 10 years warranty on all NW products. Read more

Guaranteed same Day Shipping: We hold large stock of products and available for immediate dispatch. We can fulfil most orders for next working day delivery. We ship worldwide. All EU orders of products in stock that are placed before 3pm, Monday—Friday, will ship out same-day via DHL with guaranteed NEXT DAY DELIVERY. All order for outside EU, will be shipped the same day of products in stock, with a delivery in 48 hours, subject to customs clearance.

Guaranteed Compatibility: All our NW optic transceiver goes through a strictly inspection. Products are tested and process of quality control. Regular checks to keep the products conform to standards. All our products are tested by the manufactory and 100% compatible with vendor’s devices. NW products EEPROM works specifically with the vendor’s hardware. We provide, on request, inspections reports for products. NW developed technologies include lasers and receivers optimized for applications; lasers for long-reach SONET, CWDM and DWDM transceivers; and CWDM lasers for high-temperature operation. Products are developed, including implementation of advanced control algorithms that enable high-performance receivers for long-reach DWDM systems at 2.5 gigabit per second and 10 gigabit per second.

Prices: We offer discounts UP to 95% off Vendor’s Price List. Multiple key technologies and capabilities enable the competitive performance and cost-structure of NW products. NW optic integration platform, internal chip research and development and manufacturing capability and embedded control software are keys on the transceiver product lines.