altWith the combination of multi-service operating and network, generic viagra many application of high bandwidth are emerging.          

Some services have set a very high request to network bandwidth and led to the development of new FTTH technology. WDM is regarded as a trend in future development. WDM provides a larger capacity, higher speed and full service operation, can not only solve the problem of insufficient bandwidth, but also lower the costs compared with WDM technology. Active and passive devices involved in this solution:

  • CWDM: Active Transceivers CWDM PON OLT- CWDM Passive Transceivers CWDM/DEMUX.
  • DWDM: Active Transceivers DWDM PON OLT DWDM Passive Transceivers DWDMMUX/DEMUX.
  • WDM: Active Transceivers DWDM.


You can use CWDM or DWDM technology in upstream and downstream in this networking solution. Network Wide transceiver products passes through a rigorous set of screenings at our global headquarters testing site. Each component is individually tracked and backed by a warranty meeting the highest standards and measured quality.

Network Wide holds large production of 10g X2, 10g SFP’s products and XFP, supported by different transmissions and laser surface and with DOM (Digital Optics Monitoring) as standard.